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Amelia Island Chamber Music Festival

Search Amelia was invited to film the opening of the Amelia Island Chamber Music Festival. This is the eighth season that started on May 2, with the appropriately themed “Beer and G-Strings I”, performed by violin virtuoso Bobby McDuffie, possibly…
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What is in a Name

Even in the darkest days of financial misery and governmental ignorance, there are newspaper articles that can put a smile on my face. Yes occasionally I even fall of my chair in a sudden burst of uncontrollable hic-ups mixed with…
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Sea Turtles Lay Eggs in the Dunes

No sooner did the invasion of our beach for the Memorial Weekend subside, we witnessed another mini invasion; the one lonely straight forward track of a Sea Turtle laying her eggs in the Dunes. Without exactly measuring the track I…
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Why do women far outnumber men on our beach?

Since my brother Thom, our websites’ webmaster, arrived last week from the Caribbean Island of St.Martin where he resides, we have been faithfully taking a beach walk every morning, since we both noticed that our sedentary lifestyle has not been…
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Amelia Arts Academy Performance Highlights

On the corner of Fir and 10th Street in Fernandina Beach is the Peck Center, home to the Amelia Arts Academy. Their cozy auditorium was the location for their Spring Recital and Search Amelia came to gain a bit of…
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What is the Vacation Outlook for the Summer of 2009

The American summer vacation season officially begins this weekend, and the recession has hit the travel industry hard, reason why players are aiming to lure economically insecure Americans with all kinds of enticing offers, from reduced rates for cruises and…
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Are Deposits in Our Local Banks Secure?

While the Government mandates “stress-tests” for the 19 largest banks in the Nation, the middle of the pack is rapidly succumbing to the shear impossible task of surviving an economy of bad news getting worse. The Office of Thrift Supervision,…
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Florida Oranges

Florida citrus is a popular gift. It can be shipped fresh, squeezed into juice or made into marmalades.

Happy Arbor Day

We’re having a green week this week: Earth Day on Wednesday and Arbor Day on Friday. Contrary to Earth Day which is every year on the 22nd of April, Arbor Day, which was founded in 1872. Even though Arbor Day…
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Tweet me with respect

Using social media is the ideal way for travel destination to initiate branding that leads to repeat visitors