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I Came Out a Different Person

With a couple of allnighters under my belt, we finally after 8 months launched a major selfhelp selfgrowth website called last Monday. To be honest with you, my body was wrecked and I was suffering from pains and headaches…
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The Expat’s Corner

In a world where there is more information “on the fly” than anyone can comprehend without going “nuts”, the “herd” mentality becomes the accepted comfort zone. What’s good for the ‘herd” cannot be bad for me, is what most people…
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Amelia Island Fall Lawn Care

To sell your home you need to take every opportunity to appeal to prospective buyers, your lawn is a major consideration.

Shoney’s on Sadler Road Closing?

This development is particularly disturbing. Generally, discounted restaurants and stores are the recipients of increased business during an economic downturn.