Author Archive: Island Girl

Small Town Banking Fits me Well

Where can you lay on the beach and get a call from your bank teller that she rolled your coins, counted them and your cash is ready for pick up?

Roundabouts on Amelia Island

With spring and visitors in full force back on Amelia Island, negotiating traffic circles has become confusing to some.

A Personal Tribute to Our Local Hospital

While living or vacationing on an island often conjures up pictures of fear for adequate health care for visitors and residents, it turns out that Amelia Island health emergency care more than superbly measures up.

A Good Hair Dresser is about Talent, not Attitude

Finding a talented and reliable hair dresser is especially important for a woman when she moves into a new community. Island Girl had her moments of misery on the first two attempts, but found her magician and the third go-around.

Felix and the Birthday Girl

On Sunday I turned the big 50. I had a dear high school friend drive in from Destin and thought I should take them to Centre St. to show off our quaint lovely town.