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A Personal Christmas Story

We played around with several thoughts as if we were shaking the Christmas present for hints or clues and finally settled on the assumption that it would be a Professional Photo Session of some sorts.

Creativity is the Root of Happiness

Over the years I have developed a method that adjusts my expectations of happiness to the realities of the moment. Creativity always seems to come up with the right answer.

Winter is on our Doorstep

Winter Wonderland in my home town brings reflections of why I moved away. A hint: weather was a major factor.

Be Thankful -Two-

Our sense of humor may vary from culture to creed, but gratitude build on belief carries the eternal message of hope.

Another Entry on my Bucket List

My bucket list expands with live performances of extreme accomplishment. Pink Floyd’s The Wall set the bar in 1980 and Roger Waters 2010 version apparently took it a couple of notches up.

Delta Airlines Expands Africa Presence

Proving that the world becomes smaller by the year, Delta now flies directly into one of the world’s most beautiful ocean side destinations on the Atlantic Coast of Africa

The Lasting Value of a Pet

We live lives of quiet desperation is the opinion of Cassandra, the toppled God in Greek Mythology, responsible for happiness and prosperity. Here are some easy answers.