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Pétanque Tournament on November Menu

November 13 and 14 will showcase the second Pétanque America Open Tournament on the Historic Fernandina Waterfront with top players from around the world.

The Future for Solo Travel is Bright

In the hotel industry alternatives to “based on double occupancy” has found financial variations that until now have eluded the cruise ship industry. With Norwegian Epic’s single studios that may going to change now.

Monroe Institute Spiritualism at the Dome

For those of us in search of spiritualism, the Dome Healing Center at the Corner of Scott Rd and Amelia Pkwy, offers a great Hemi Sync session Friday from 7-8:30pm

Warrior Vacations at Sunsplash this Saturday [video]

Fabulous prizes are going to be drawn on the 911 Commemoration Celebration at the Nassau Gun Range on Saturday September 11. Help us provide free reconnection vacations for soldiers and their families. Buy a $5 or $20 raffle ticket.

Husband Down in Aisle Four

Some men just don’t get the picture when the ice they walk on gets real thin. Here is what happens…

Things I want to Share with You

Volkswagen Beetle’s successor, “The Turtle” is a hybrid that drives on water and gasoline. It was spotted coming out of the marshes at Oyster Bay Yacht Club last week.

Lease Local Art to Spice up Your Workplace

Kathleen Hardin (Kathy) took her 22 art students to the task of painting “their” 9th St. Church Community Garden as Spring turned into Summer, and the results are on display at j&s Frame Gallery with proceeds going to Hope House.

The Speed of Obamas Downfall

As Obama White House alienates yet another group of core voting support, pro choice groups are getting upset while conservatives are not happy either.