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Waking Up in the Land of the Free

As the Nanny State steadily encroaches upon us, politicians masking as well intended lawmakers and big business are already sharing the spoils.

Obama Affordable Golf Act

The importance and relative exclusivity of the game of golf may soon come to an end with the introduction of the Obama Affordable Golf Act

Yes, Paraprosdokian is a Word!

Most people know and have heard this type of word humor, but few now that it has a word to describe it: Paraprosdokian

Blues Aren’t Just About Being Sad

The 4th Amelia Island Blues Festival in September has an impressive star line up and will be moving back to the ocean breezes of Main Beach.

More Pitfalls in the English Language

Homographs are words with the same spelling but with more than one meaning. And when a homograph is also pronounced differently, it’s called a heteronym

Up, Up and Away

It’s no wonder children are messed UP—one minute we tell them to speak UP and then we tell them to shut UP.