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Waking up on October 16, 2028

They said: Americans will never knowingly adopt Socialism; but call it liberalism and they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program.

Locals Only Get-a-Way Beach Special

With summer coming to a close, tourism is trickling to a halt on Amelia Island. Here is a magnificent deal for locals to enjoy the beach.

News from the Blues

With tickets available via the Blues Festival website, we are set to introduce all the fabulous acts that will come together here on Amelia Island this year.

Roadtrip Nuissance on US 301

Taken on a secondary road through the exciting hinterland of “Deliverance”, these trucks equal an unintended suicide mission.

A Very Personal Encounter with TS Beryl

“I’m going to sit on you,” said my wife, “you’re not going outside.” “I have to”, I said, “or we get more damage than this creepy little storm should get credit for”

The Hunger Games Keep me up at Night

A diet rich in refined carbs – not to mention sugar – along with the unnatural vegetable-based transfats used in snack foods will actually throw your brain chemistry dangerously out of whack.