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Keeping an Eye on Spill in Gulf

Gulf is keeping an eye on the Oil Leak Disaster while the next hurricane season is knocking on our door. Government bailout plan for affected businesses won’t work without banks.

Flounder Gigging at Fort Clinch

In our series “how to catch your own seafood”, today’s attention goes to flounder gigging, a popular nighttime activity on Amelia Island.

A Fun Way to Catch Crabs

Learn from Island old timers how they caught crabs and shrimp to supply for the family needs of seafood.

Media Spins on Real Estate

As the media keep pulling sunglass toting rabbits out of their hats, the skies are clouding up for what may be the second leg down.

Building Shrimpers on Amelia

The Shrimp Festival tradition is nearing the half century mark, but how much longer will we be able to admire the solid shrimp trawler

An Affordable Night at the Movies

Any movie in the theaters or program on TV can now be watched on or via the Internet at a price tag that allows space for a ton of popcorn.