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First Christmas on Cumberland Island

I am humbled and blessed by the gift of the enchanted island of Tolkienic Majesty. The air on the island is clean and crisp with salt and cedar, wax myrtle and marshland. The sky at the rising and setting of sun and moon are more enchanting here.

Swoosh Returns

I parked Swoosh in my bedroom for the next couple of nights. I awoke a few times with a start…I couldn’t believe that he was actually there and not an apparition. I am still overwrought and I realize I am completely blessed.

The Journey into Paradise Begins

MaVynne Betsch was someone extraordinary. I asked my landlord about her and he had little to say besides MaVynne was in to all kinds of political stuff and some folks said she was crazy. I liked her already. I would watch her walk along the beach or sit in her beach chair for hours staring at the ocean.

Hobbes Delivers the History…Part One

There are many places in this world where one might seek and eventually find refuge. For some of us it is refuge from the daily grind…refuge from the human condition. I think that all our problems in life are either…
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A Bike Named Swoosh

On Sunday night the 28th of June, in downtown Fernandina Beach a bike named Swoosh was taken hostage by a stranger. As I enjoyed myself with friends on this balmy evening after filming for “O” with the Shores brothers and…
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Just Across the River and a World Away

It is often said that just across the river and a world away the best things in life are free. Some of those tabs might actually have to be paid in the afterlife…if so mine will be significant. For a…
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