Avoid common mistakes when selling your home

If you're finally make that move to sell, make sure you make your home look the best possible.

Make sure your home looks the best possible

Make sure your home looks the best possible

OK, it’s now 2010 and you know you are going to have to sell your home this year.¬† You’ve made up your mind and decided to make that move.¬† Regardless if you are up sizing, down sizing, moving because of your job or simply retiring to another location, if it’s time to get on the market there are a few things you need to be aware of.
We hear everyday how hard it is to sell a property in this recession, everything you have heard is true, it is very difficult.¬† This is the reason you should not fall into one of the most common mistakes a seller will make when putting their home on the market.¬† Seller’s can be funny creatures, they seem to have attachments that can prevent a property from selling or result in no offers at all.

Some of the more common mistakes a seller will make are:

a.¬† Hiring an agent with little or no business experience.¬† I don’t mean to ignore the young agents just breaking into the market, but this is no time for you to be teaching, it is time for experienced action.

b.  Not disclosing problems before the sale or during the listing period.  Always disclose everything, good, bad and ugly about your property.  The last thing you need is for a buyer to come back after the sale and file suit because you did not disclose a defect.

c.  Trying to price your home based on what you want.  This will almost always end in failure of the sale.  Remember, you can control the asking price but not the sales price, the market does that.  It may not be the number you would like to have, but you have no control over the market.

d.¬† Don’t over improve your home for the neighborhood.¬† A lot of buyer’s believe that if they keep making improvements it will raise the value of their home, again only the market can do that.¬† If you over improve too much it will stand out like a sore thumb and you actually will reduce your chances of selling.

e.  Make sure your home is ready to show.  Many buyers will try and make improvements while the home is on the market.  Get the painting and sprucing up out of the way before you put it on the market.  The last thing you want to leave in the mind of a buyer is that work needs to be done to the house while they are looking at it.

These are very tough real estate times and you will want to make sure you have covered every aspect of marketing your home.  The above are common mistakes a lot of sellers make, you now can avoid them and perhaps have the upper hand of selling your home.

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