Beef O Brady Monday Night is Trivia Night

Monday nights at Beef O Brady’s brings a lively evening of trivia entertainment for the entire family to enjoy. The dining room becomes groups of teams made up of friends, families, neighbors and strangers. You make up a name for your team and the games begin at 7:30 PM. As you dine on menu favorites such as Teriyaki Chicken Wings, the new Tasty chicken Beef o bradysAsian Mandarin Chicken (pictured) or the beer battered fish-n-chips the host asks a series of questions in a variety of categories. Sports, music, television, entertainment, history, geography and current events and many more categories make everyone at your table feel like an expert at something by the end of the night. Prizes are awarded for the First, Second and Third Place winners, but be careful, a final gambit is offered as the final question where teams may elect to bet up to 100% of their points and suddenly an unsuspecting team takes home the grand prize.

The food is tasty, the service is quick and the entertainment is interactive. I highly recommend you take the family to Beef O Brady’s on Monday nights for an evening of good fun! They are located on the 14th Street side of the Publix shopping center at 1916 S. 14th Street in Fernandina Beach, 904-261-0555.