Belly Dancing During Pregnancy

The rhythmic movements and breathing of prenatal belly dancing prepares the new mother for childbirth and speeds recovery.

Belly Dancing During Pregnancy

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Across the country prenatal belly dance classes are held in homes, hospitals, dance studios and clinics. As fit, athletic and active moms debunk the notion of “stay off your feet” for nine months, new mothers are turning to the ancient art of Belly Dance.

Many women are looking for safe alternatives to the generic long walks recommended by their doctors. The rhythmic slow movements and controlled breathing of pre-natal belly dancing actually prepares the new mother for childbirth, aids in bonding with the baby and speeds post-natal recovery. Many pregnant belly dancers report relief in back pain along with increased focus they hope will aid in the birthing process.

A lot of research on this subject has been done and many fascinating articles note the similarities between belly dancing and Lamaze, which are both based on the same method of muscle isolation. In her book, Belly Dancing, Wendy Buonaventura demonstrates that the dance movements exercise all the birth muscles and the rhythms, in fact, match the birth process.

Many belly dancers also talk of belly dancing during the birthing process, using the learned undulating movements to control the pushing while easily focusing on breathing and keeping rhythm with the natural waves of labor pains.

But is it safe? “Yes,” says Dr. Sue Kelly Sayegh, associate professor of maternal-fetal medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk in a Time Magazine article Thursday, Aug 23, 2007, By Elisabeth Salemme/Brookfield. “Low-impact exercise is recommended five to seven days a week during pregnancy. Although Sayegh warns against overexertion as well as fast-paced footwork that could lead to a fall, she says ‘the art of breathing while doing other things is an excellent preparation for labor.'”

Island Tribe Belly Dance offers special pre-natal seminars focused in helping mothers-to-be stay in shape, while aiding in their preparation for labor. Beginners classes are also offered where pregnant and non-pregnant students can learn the basics of this art. If you would like to know more about pre-natal belly dancing, please feel free to contact us at or (904) 415-0300.

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    A subject near and dear to my heart! As an expecting first time mother, I’m very excited to be able to continue belly dancing while pregnant! It really is a wonderful low impact activity that I still can enjoy even when I’m feeling a bit tired and nauseated. Thanks for the information!

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