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Dear Readers:
This is an email I received this morning from one of our loyal readers in North Carolina that I would like to share with you. It’s a sign of the times that not only scammers and crooks from Wallstreet and Washington DC are trying to pick your pockets. Thanks for the alert Phil. Much obliged.

In case you guys are looking for inspiration for an article. How about warning folks – once more – that in these critical times scammers are all over the place looking for gullible, desperate victims?
Here’s why:

Looking at the Fernandina Beach News Leader classifieds tonight I saw this ad:

Earn $1000-$3200 a Month
to drive new cars with ads.

It smells “scam” a mile away. So I got intrigued…
Some quick research revealed the following:

– domain just registered on 2008-12-01 for only 12 months, of course via DomainDiscreet in Funchal, Madeira, that is a Portuguese island off the Coast of Africa.
– they only advertise in small town newspapers nationwide.
– no phone # or address
– the usual shills are out there with identical posts on:
– so far only one guy reports a bad experience

The more I looked, the more similar sites I found and the more intrigued I was getting: (hurting – only $14.99!)
etc….. plus tons of so-called “honest advice” sites that warn you about the others, but then link to their preferred jokers, like this
They portray a sense of honesty while subtedly diverting you to their offer.
It’s a jungle out there!

My Conclusion:
All they do is give you a list of companies that wrap cars, and you’ll wait forever …
And there are only a handful of those, where you can sign up for free, like
(If you paid ANY fees to get information about FreeCar Media and our programs than you need to immediately ask for your money back.
Registering with FreeCar Media is 100% FREE and always has been. There are many scams being run to capitalize on our name, so please do not be fooled.)

So Guys it’s basically old news :-(and maybe I shouldn’t have brought it up!)
But still, it took me hours to cut through the crap, if I ever managed it.
Just a thought. Off to bed.


Editor’s Note: Search Amelia went to the website of and did some snooping around.

On the FAQ we found enough doubt to state here that our suggestion would be to stay clear of this operation. Judge for yourself after reading the following Questions and Answers:

1. How do I qualify for the program?

Answer: You must have a valid drivers license, be 18 years or older, and fill out an application(s). This job is perfect for anybody looking to earn extra income every month. Students, families, sports enthusiasts, etc.

2. Are there any extra fees?

No. Membership is a one-time $39.95 fee.

3. If I already own or lease a car, can I still get a free car?

Yes, but remember your free car must be a car you drive every day, and you must be the principle driver of your free car. Many of the companies are available to assist you in the disposal of your owned or leased car or you can apply to use the vehicle you own and they will pay you.

4. How long will it take to get my free car?

You will receive your car within 7-14 business days. The company will deliver the car to the address you specify on the application.

5. How much does the ad companies pay monthly?

The ad companies pay between $1000-$3200 monthly by check. Checks are mailed out twice a month.

6. Can I use my own car for the program?

Yes. If you currently own or lease a vehicle that you would like to use for the program, please fill out the application forms relating to this type of offer. Even if you use your own car, you still qualify to participate in both programs (getting a free car and getting paid to drive your car).

7. How long can I keep my free car?

All driving terms last between 1 – 5 years. You choose your own driving term.

8. Who pays for gas and auto insurance?

All companies will pay the gas and insurance for the vehicle you drive.

9. Must I do anything besides drive my car?

No. Please drive safely.

10. Is there a mileage requirement to drive each month?

You must drive the vehicle with a minimum of 100 miles each month to make $1000 and up to 300 miles a month to make $3200 a month. Remember, insurance and gas is covered by the companies. You do not have to pay for anything.

11. Where can I find phone and email support?

Members may find phone, email support, and company address inside the member login area or you may contact us:

12. How will I know I’ve been selected for the program?

You will be notified by email or telephone. You will be told about the program that is available and you’ll be given instructions as to where and when to pick up the new vehicle. Delivery of the vehicle is also available. You are free to decline any offer, for any reason, and wait for a more attractive offer, if you wish.

13. What happens if I move or change jobs, etc., Will I still be eligible for the program?

If your profile changes, you can still participate in programs. You can make appropriate changes with the company.

14. How will maintenance be handled?

If you receive a sponsored car, mechanical issues are covered under the manufacture warranty. The car wil be enrolled in an exteneded maintenance program that will require you to bring the car to the dealership every three months for routine maintenance, free oil change, tire rotation and free brakes and tires, subject to normal wear and tear. If you are using an existing vehicle, you will be responsible to maintain the vehicle in good operational order.

15. What happens if I get in an accident?

If you are involved in an accident, you must contact the sponsor company within 24 hours, as per your application. They will work to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Specific details will be in your company handbook.

16. What happens if the car gets damaged or vandalized?

If any damage occurs, contact the sponsor company within 24 hours. They will make appropriate arrangements to replace the damaged vehicle.

17. Do we offer a money back guarantee?

Yes. If you are not satisfied with this service, you may cancel your membership and receive a refund. We are here to help you get a free car and get paid for driving. Because we value our reputation, we want your complete satisfaction.

18. How long does my membership last?

Membership is a one-time $39.95 fee. You will never have to pay for this service again.

Editor’s Note: When I accessed their payment processing page, which admittedly looks very trustworthy, I checked out Verisign Security which revealed that payment is processed through a company called ALERTPAY INC in Montreal, Canada. Now that’s red flag Number 1, when it comes to ever claiming your money back.

Still not one hundred percent sure, (the internet can create some impressive scams), my advice would be to stay away from something as “good” as this, yet quite obscure.
Red Flag Reason number 2 for this statement: Domain Registration of the website is offshore, which can never been shut down or probed by authorities here. Smart!
My gut feeling based on decades of experience, “too good to be true, flush down the loo”.


  1. My 2 cents

    Anyone with COMMON SENSE should know that this is a RIPOFF !!! Think about it. $39.95 up front ?? If you knew of a company that was doing this, why not charge $39.95 to $199.95. Their fee/charge could automatically come from the first payment that the person receives for being a part of the program. Also as mention above, e-mail domain location – – Funchal, Madeira, that is a Portuguese island off the Coast of Africa. Wake Up People, even Homer Simpson could smell the rotten eggs in this one. DOH !

  2. theoldyeller

    well i got scamed on this 3995 one time fee, well i would like to my money back or drive a car if any one knows how write me back

  3. theoldyeller

    well i got scamed on this 3995 one time fee, well i would like to my money back or drive a car if any one knows how write me back

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