Bliss Cupcakery and More

There is a new place in Yulee you can go to satisfy your sweet tooth. It is called a cupcakery. (Is that really a word?)

Bliss Cupcakery and MoreThere is a new place in Yulee you can go to satisfy your sweet tooth. It is called a cupcakery (is that really a word?), but they sell much more than cupcakes. Their Facebook site says that they specialize in “elegant, made from scratch, great tasting cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and gift baskets for weddings, birthdays, corporate functions, and other special events… personalized just for you!”

Open until 7:00pm each night except Sundays, this confectioner of sugary bliss would be a great place to pick up some holiday treats.

They also create specialty cakes for any occasion. Be sure to check them out in the Verizon plaza.


  1. Cynnielynn

    I checked out the cupcakes today and they are fantastic! With flavors like wedding cake, coconut, cappucino, lemon, and red velvet, and many more, you are sure to find a new favorite every time you visit!

  2. Carol

    I visited Bliss Cupcakery for the first time recently, the cupcakes were amazing! They were truely the best cakes I’ve had in a very long time! My son-in-law (who does not like cake) tried the Orange Creamsicle and loved it. I’m sure we will be visiting “Bliss” quite often!

  3. Jen

    I was very excited about the opening of a new cupcake place. I read many of the comments and was looking forward to trying their “amazing” cupcakes. The cupcakes were pretty; however, I was not impressed with the taste. My seven year old took one bite of the plain vanilla cupcake with sprinkles and said he did not like it. My son is accustomed to real, made from scratch cupcakes not mixes. We were very disappointed. Hope a real bakery will open here one day that does not use extracts and preservative filled mixes.

  4. Amy

    My family visits Bliss almost every week, and the cupcakes are amazing! Everyone is intitled to an opinion, not everyone knows fine ingredients when they taste them! By the way Jen, where is your bakery? We would love to check yours out……..

  5. Judy

    I agree with Amy! The cupcakes and the cake (that I ordered for a birthday) are very moist, full of flavor and the frosting is to die for! Heavenly! Certainly does not taste like any “box mix” I’ve ever had! Can’t wait to visit “Bliss” again soon!

  6. Anonymous

    The cupcakes from Bliss are the best! The Key Lime ones are to die for! They are clearly made of the best of ingredients and melt in your mouth! It is nice to have a good dessert place on that end of town. The decor and ambience are also clean and warm!

  7. Anonymous

    Oh, my goodness. This place is outstanding — best cupcakes I’ve had since my childhood, which was a VERY long time ago!! I trusted all the great reviews, so arrived here for my first visit and emerged with a DOZEN of these “puppies” and lemme tell ya, there are but TWO now, smiling up at me from the box. (Mind you, this was YESTERDAY!) Very, very dangerous territory, this little store! Yum-oh, to the max!!!

  8. Tish Mazzanti Taylor

    NEVER AGAIN !!!!!! OVER PRICED !!!! we ordered a dozen cupcakes from bliss and picked them up on friday morning we paid $32.00 for 12 cupcakes thats 2.60 each  we kept these in the cake box THEY provided, they didn’t send us home with any special instructions and we stored them in our kitchen just like we would have any other birthday cake  from Ms. Carolyn’s , Publix, or even WALMART !!!  We bought an assortment of flavors to try all different kinds and I’ve got to say they were all dry on the inside. I have 5 kids and none of them finished their cupcakes .  So we had cupcakes leftover on sunday. I tried to cut one in half and it was like cutting into a rock, it was horrible. I called Bliss to ask why their cupcakes were like this and she said it should have been wrapped several times over in cling wrap to avoid drying them out.  If this is the case they should have said something while I was picking them up instead of ruining over $10 of cupcakes.  The owner did not try to explain or fix the situation for me.  This is overpriced and we would rather have cupcakes from Publix.  

  9. Gia Scattolon

    Susie’s, cupcakes in LA use to be my favorite place to visit, thank God for Bliss, as a cupcake lover you need to know your cake, Bliss does with out question.  Sad that Oprah is off the air, as she is a Susie’s lover, I know that she herself would agree that Bliss would become one of her favorites. Continued success, and the cakes rock as well, loyal customer since the doors have opened.

  10. Anonymous

    Bliss cupcakes are the best and very reasonably priced! (which by the way, you put the incorrect price, if your going to post, get it right!). Of course, if you are accustomed to shelf cupcakes that are dry and full of preservatives, that is what you should stick with! We like like ours fresh and tasty. I also find it ridiculous that you would expect them to “fix the situation” because YOU didn’t  store your cupcakes properly! Common sense should tell you that if you leave “any” baked goods out for days, of course they will get dry! On that note, I think I’ll visit Bliss today!

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