Just making sure what face to face means!

Remember the contest to become the island sitter/ambassador on an Australian Barrier Reef island last year. Well with the blogosphere and social media on the forefront of our media attention, the travel industry has been seeing the enormous advantage of this type of awareness and attraction.

As a consummate world travel and a fan of the TV show the Amazing Race, I can wholeheartedly endorse this marketing approach as interactive, educational and engaging. So when the following email entered my inbox I smiled and passed it on to a bunch of my friends who can appreciate the challenge:

THE TRAVEL AGENCY, as a preferred supplier with Backroads , O.A.R.S., Micato Safaris , Orion Expeditions , Lindblad Expeditions, Off the Beaten Path , Natural Habitat Adventures, and Canadian Mountain Holidays

invites you to enter the “BLOG YOUR WAY AROUND THE WORLD” contest!
Just write about why you should be selected to go on EIGHT world-class adventures and how you will blog from the road, and you could be on your way.
Throughout our 36 years of collaborating with our clients to create unique travel adventures around the globe, we at THE TRAVEL AGENCY truly understand the return on life these experiences can offer!  “Boundaries divide- Travel unites!”

If your travel dreams include exploring Europe by bike, traversing African savannahs, coming face to face with a polar bear, and taking the roads way less traveled…then get writing!

Backroads will take you to the Czech Republic and Austria, OARS obviously has a rafting adventure waiting for you, Canadian Mountain Holidays wil start up the helicopter for you and Natural Habitat Adventures will bring you face to face with polar bears. Off the Beaten Path takes you to the magnificent rainforests of Costa Rica while Lindblad Expeditions will cruise you to the fascinating world of the Galapagos. Orion Expeditions will familiarize you with exotic Borneo and Micato Safaris rules the world of Safaris in east Africa.
You write and win and take a companion of your choice with you. Blog your entry on Twitter and Facebook and have your friends vote for you.

CLICK HERE for all the details. It’s easy and fun! Submissions must be received by midnight December 31, 2010 ET. Oh and when you submit your 400 word “plea of insanity” don’t mind sending us a copy.
Good luck! we hope to see you out there.