Blistur launches Scars and Stripes Album

It has been another weekend full of music and I must confess that I’m typing away on my keyboard with a peculiar singing in my ears, slightly hearing impaired. Thursday and Friday were Blues days as the Blues Festival Committee organized an impromptu set of fundraiser concerts for next year’s big blues festival on Amelia Island in September.

The reason for the impromptu-ness was that our local Karl Davis Band could not perform at the last minute and since it was also Halloween weekend and therefore Georgia-Florida Weekend, we went all the way to Atlanta to secure the assistance of the Shufflejunkies, a great trio of blues performers.

Unfortunately drummer and leadsinger Andy Margolis couldn’t make the trip either, which resulted in lead guitar/singer Roger Shepheard and Bassist Jonathan Holland, being completed by local Hampton Inn at the Beach exec Jeff Malone on drums.
They had one night to find their grove together at Jeff’s house and from what I’ve heard and seen, they instantly clicked.

We will definitely see the original junkies grabbing a slot in next year’s Festival line-up. The frequent Go Dawgs was much appreciated by the primarily Georgia crowd in Historic Downtown Fernandina on Thursday and Friday, yet unfortunately for them once again the Gators prevailed after an exciting game.
At least that’s what I heard, as at the time of the game I was getting ready for another music event, the launch party of Blistur’s second CD titled Scars and Stripes.

The party was “all the way” on Beach Boulevard in Jacksonville Beach and for those who know me, I don’t like to go off the island and especially not a Saturday night known for excessive drinking on the road. However it all went fine. A local Jax songwriter opened the stage with some warm up originals, two metal grunge bands followed and finally at 10:30 or so, Chris Kellam on lead and vocals, Neal Gupton on drums and Dom Berti on bass put on a show that blew the roof off any restriction the band may have felt in terms of local or regional attraction. Blistur is ready for the world beyond Florida’s First Coast.

I ‘detected’ 7 new songs from their new album of which My Girl is hands down my favorite, with a couple of absolute finds in the immediate slipstream. Neal worked up a solo that had instant personality and theme, even though he didn’t much appreciate the fluorescent sticks he quickly discarded and Dom on bass is the best thing that has happened to the band, since I first saw them at the old Riveredge here on Amelia Island in December 2006;

Blistur - Three Way Street?

not only because he is a virtuoso bass player in his own right, but also because he gave Blistur the space to move into new dimensions where Chris could master his voice as another fine instrument to pull from while Dom’s arrival also allowed Neal to develop his harmony skills and pick up the acoustic guitar on occasion and jam with Chris and Dom. They showed that surprise last night with an original instrumental that at times had origins in Spanish flamenco with Middle Easter influences, build on a solid bed of rock rhythms.
Great Job guys. Keep on rockin’.

Blues Festival

Okay time to get off the keyboard and get ready for a Halloween Block Party later this afternoon. I smell cakes in the oven. Guess I’m going to tune a guitar to take with me as this weekend has once again confirmed that music is a much more intricate part of my life that I will admit to myself. See you around the island.

Oh and by the way, if you’re looking for a good cause with a fabulous return, get a Blues Festival T-shirt. They’re only $20. come in 3 different colors (black/white/and dark green) and various sizes. Send an email to and we will have one on its way to you in no time.

The website with all details and paypal buttons and line up information etc. will hopefully be up by the end of this coming week. We’re off and running.