Boat, RV, and Golf Cart Battery Maintenance
By: Jamie Deonas

Most summers here in Florida are fairly warm and the summer of 2008 has been no different. Staying hydrated is of utmost importance for both humans and animals during these times when replacing the water our body has lost due to the heat. Batteries are no different than we are when it comes to the summer heat and the need for water replacement.

Water is necessary to keep batteries cool. When the water level is low, irreplaceable damage can be done and it greatly reduces the life of the battery. Batteries that are used in golf carts, motorcycles, boats and RVs undergo much more stress due to the fact that they sit for days and sometimes months without being used or charged. The equipment these batteries operate demand an enormous electrical power. They drain the battery causing additional stress and additional time to recharge. effecting the battery’s water level. To check the water level simply remove the caps located on top of the battery and visualize the level. The water should be an inch or so from the top. Check your battery’s water level often to keep your batteries in top working condition.