Boating Safety Course

You wouldn't drive a car unless you had learned how to drive it first, so why would you drive a boat without learning how?

Boating Safety Course

Boating Safety Course

By: SafeBoater

Take a boating safety course! Why? You wouldn’t drive a car unless you had learned how to drive it first, so why would you get on a boat without learning more about basic boating safety?

Boater education requirements vary by state. Some require validated completion of at least one boating safety course.

And the Darwin Award goes to…
In 1999, a woman out in her boat in Lake Isabella, California found herself in trouble. She simply couldn’t get her 22-foot Bayliner to drive in a straight line, or to travel at any speed faster than a crawl. She drove up to the marina to ask for help, which is when the marina staff informed this dumb blonde that the trailer was still attached to her boat. If only she had paid attention in boating school, she might have learned that boats don’t have wheels.

The Bottom Line: Regardless of your individual state’s requirements, it’s always important to be educated, aware and prepared for every circumstance that might arise.

The Boating skills and Seamanship course is offered by the Coast Guard Auxiliary at Amelia Island, Florida.

The next Class will be at the Amelia Island Lighthouse Cottage in Fernandina Beach on July 10th and continuing for three Saturdays.

Boating Skills and Seamanship is a comprehensive program designed for both the experinced and novice boater. The BS&S-8 program consists of 8 lessons, two to four-hours each, providing basic boating knowledge. The BS&S 10 and 13 add two to five additional lessons, providing up to date knowledge for handling boats in all conditions. It is approved by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA). It is also approved by the State of Florida and most other States where a boater must obtain a State user Identification to operate a boat.

For more information visit our local Coast Guard Auxiliary website.

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