Bomb Threat at Fernandina Beach High School Tuesday

If anyone has any information regarding the bomb threat at Fernandina Beach High School this week, please call Detective Sergeant Tracey Hamilton at (904) 310-3215.

At approximately 10:20 Tuesday morning a student at Fernandina Beach High School found a balled up piece of paper in a bathroom with a crudely written note indicating that a bomb would detonate inside the school at 10:50 AM.

The Fernandina Beach Police Department, Nassau County Sheriff’s Office and the Fernandina Beach Fire Department responded to the scene. Public safety responders coordinated closely with school officials and the decision was made to evacuate the school in advance of a physical search of buildings and classrooms.

Once the bleachers were deemed to be a safe area, students were evacuated to the football stadium. Public Safety then paired with school employees and conducted a search of the facility. The search did not produce any unusual items and school officials, in consultation with public safety, opted to reopen the school at 11:50 AM, at which time students were allowed to return to class.

The Fernandina Beach Police Department will be continuing the investigation of this incident.

If anyone has any information, they are encouraged to call Detective Sergeant Tracey Hamilton at 904-310-3215.

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