Business Development Pros in NE Florida Seek Input from Public

A program initiated earlier this year to survey the economic future of the 7 county NE Florida Region was launched to week. Input from the public is requested.

NCEDB's Steve Rieck and Nicole White

NCEDB's Steve Rieck with Executive Ass't Nicole White

Earlier this week The Nassau County Economic Development Board, a participant in the JAXUSA Partnership, hosted McCallum Sweeney Consulting, a firm specialized in site selection services and economic development consulting to companies and organizations worldwide, to explore future economic opportunities in Nassau County.

The meeting was part of the initial phase of “Innovate Northeast Florida”, a program launched by JAXUSA Partnership, formerly Cornerstone Regional Development Partnership, and the 7 County Northeast Florida Regional Council. The focus group was conducted by Steve Rieck, NCEDB Executive Director and served as a presentation of Nassau County, FL to the consulting team. The consulting team then met with two Nassau County companies who discussed the strengths and weaknesses of doing business in the county. Similar focus groups and individual company interviews were conducted throughout the region with government, civic and business leaders throughout this week.

Mr. Rieck and Dan Camp, TerraPointe Project Manager, will serve as Nassau County representatives on the steering committee for the nine-month project that will result in three in-depth reports for the region:

1. a SWOT analysis providing a detailed evaluation of our region’s competitive strengths and areas for improvement,

2. a target sub-cluster definition Report – containing detailed profiles of each target cluster and sub-cluster and

3. target implementation plans – recommending specific community development, workforce development, business development and marketing actions for each target audience, including a timeline, budget and metrics.

Announced earlier this year and funded by the Economic Development Administration (EDA) and WorkSource, the study will help the region’s economic development organizations identify the most promising business sectors that will stimulate future economic growth and create detailed marketing and business development implementation plans to attract and grow those industries in the region.

JAXUSA Partnership and the Northeast Florida Regional Council invite all residents and businesses of the seven county Northeast Florida region to participate in a survey to share their opinions about the future of our economy. The initial survey takes approximately 10-minutes to complete, with the option to complete a more detailed survey of another 1`0 minutes. All survey responses will be aggregated and held in strict confidentiality. To complete the survey please visit

Interested parties may contact Nicole White, Executive Assistant at the NCEDB at (904) 225 -8878 or check out their recently completely renewed website at

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