Camden Bicycle Center Offers Great Alternative

We support the "buy local" concept, but if it involves a monopoly that produces less quality and customer service, we explore options.

I realize the economic value and support the “buy local” concept, but I also feel not every single place is a great fit for every person. If buy local means that a monopoly is created, some aspects of a transaction may become less than satisfactory. Having had some less than favorable interactions locally in Fernandina when servicing our bicycles, I recently traveled the 30 minute distance to St. Mary’s GA to have our two bicycles serviced at Camden Bicycle Center. Now let me tell you, it was well worth the trip.

The owners Terry and Darlene Landreth are knowledgable, helpful and just plain super friendly and professional. Their store is easy to find, nice and clean, very affordable, with a well stocked beautiful range of bikes and accessories; all well displayed.

What’s more, they take the time to explain every single step involved in the tune-ups and more. Just feels so comfortable. They had our bikes ready to pick up in less than two days time.

So isn’t it nice to know we have an alternative? I know I am happy, because my bike has never ridden or looked better.

They are located at 1929 Osborne Road (aka Hwy 40), St. Mary’s GA 32558  Phone: 912-576-9696

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