Can Anyone Make Money on the Internet?

A long forgotten blog site is turned into a book publishing venue. Making money on the internet should be this easy.

Here is where John Canton lived on Saba, long before there was a road.

Today I reached a personal milestone. While going back through many archives of  almost forgotten internet marketing attempts, I found a blogpost I created in January of 2008 called and what is even more surprising I actually found the username and password to the backend of the blog, so I can post stories again. While re-reading the only story I wrote on that site I noticed that people had left dozens of comments from all over the world and the hit count was beyond my comprehension. Yet, it all stopped about a year later since no ore story was published and frankly no comment was ever answered.

What was particularly disturbing was the fact that all the comments asked for educational help. Simple questions from how to set up a Paypal account, to what is the essence for a successful eBay-er. I had built expectation and a bunch of people who had given me their email address as a sign that they wanted to hear from me. They gave me Opt-In approval, which meant I could pitch them anything for sale, I even remotely considered appropriate. I never did.

And in never doing so, I displayed the real problem of internet marketeers, which is creating a data base of people that want you to pitch to them.

In late 2007 early 2008, it was recommended guru behavior to have dozens of landing pages and mini portal sites, supporting your main internet presence. It’s a bit like what Amelia Island Plantation still practices or for that matter many of the corporate hotel websites. But that’s not really the issue for me today.
The issue today is that I decided to use this site to proof something to myself and finally start publishing the first of my 3 novels: The Saba Bank Conspiracy. Even though I started writing the story more than 15 years ago, the topic is very current, as energy and oil drilling have once again captivated our headlines.

My opening question on the blogpost was: Can you make money on the Internet? Well yes. 30 months later that is something we have proven time and again. My question for now is: Can I successfully publish on the internet?
Here is the link. Let me know what you think.

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