Caring for Animals When Evacuating

Include additional supplies for your pet in your hurricane kit to be better prepared should the unthinkable occur.

Bentley We are in the midst of hurricane season, and with a new puppy in the home, I wanted to know what I should do in case I need to evacuate my Amelia Island home.

Our dog, Bentley (the brown puppy in the picture), like many other pets and their owners, are important members of your family, and yes, they are also affected by emergencies and natural disasters.

If you want your pet to survive a fire, flood, terrorist attack, hurricane or other tragedy, it largely depends on your emergency preparedness planning. There are things you can do today, such as include additional supplies for your pet in your hurricane kit, to be better prepared should the unthinkable occur.

Considering where you will stay during an emergency is directly impacted if you have pets. Many emergency shelters DO NOT allow pets in the facility!

You should NEVER leave your pets behind, so you need to plan now for their care should you evacuate.
-Have a pet carrier large enough for your pet.
-Pack prescriptions, foods, litter, plastic waste bags, cleaning supplies and extra water to travel with your pet.
-Plan for someone else, outside of your area, to care for your pet if you will be unable to do so.
-Relatives or friends you planned to stay with before you had a pet, may not be so willing to help you AND your pet.
-Have a back-up plan should you be away from your home when an emergency strikes.
-Find a neighbor, friend or relative willing to take your pet with them when they evacuate.
-Make sure they know where your Pet Evacuation Kit is kept.
-Have medical records and proof of shots with you.
-Your pet should wear ID tags in case you become separated.
-You keep recent pictures of your children, keep one of your pet with you, too.
-Familiar items will help keep your pets calm, such as their favorite toy, bedding or treats.
-Always have a first-aid kit for pets handy.

Even if you plan to “ride it out” during an emergency, you will need to prepare for your pet, too. Power, water and phones don’t work. Stores will likely be closed and streets impassable, so shop now so you are prepared with at least an additional three days worth of supplies for each of your pets.

Hopefully, you will be prepared and never have to use these tips to care for your animals should you need to evacuate. For additional information, please contact the Humane Society of the United States.

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