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Frustration with Paying Taxes

We all deal with the struggle of paying our taxes. It’s something that will never end, and sometimes it seems we were born in this world just to pay taxes.

Why is Capitalism So Misunderstood?

Jewish scholar Hillel the Elder later put it in terms a child could understand: If you would not want someone to do it to you, then don’t do it to someone else.

Taking Us to the Crossroad

I wonder about the collapse of money when substandard paintings and rusted automobiles sell at record prices on auctions.

A Different Take on the Cost of Education

Think twice before using retirement savings to pay for children’s college education. Weigh your options carefully before cheap credit lands you in the poor house.

Edward Jones to Host Open House

Understand your personal goals, from college savings to retirement, and create long-term investment strategies and a well-balanced portfolio.

Retirement? Will You Outlive Your Money?

Starting an Internet-based business or restructuring an existing business to be operable over the Internet, offers numerous opportunities in terms of diversified income plus maneuverability.

Interesting Tax Tip

This could have cost my cousin nearly $100.00 in an extra service charge from the IRS.

65 Is Merely a Political Number

Happy retirement means you have enough to money to quit working and live the lifestyle you want—and that does not mean microwave dinners in front of the TV.