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FREE Program on Mental Health Signs and Symptoms

Participants will learn how families and friends can recognize indications and find help for individuals dealing with depression, substance abuse, trauma and other issues needing care and services.

Vaccinating the Future, TEDxFSCJ

Vaccines have also proved a source of popular misunderstanding, and ever-new outbreaks of infectious disease challenge researchers and practitioners alike.

Tai Chi and Your Health

You may have seen the flowing postures and gentle movements of tai chi and wondered what it’s all about. Tai chi is an ancient mind and body practice.


Help Your Brain Fight the Urge to Splurge

Seeing, smelling, tasting, or even hearing certain cues, from food ads on the radio to the smell of cinnamon buns in a shopping mall, can make us crave fattening foods when we’re not even hungry.

International Clean Hands Week 2016

International Clean Hands Week 2016

Proper hand washing takes more than just a quick pass under the faucet. Hands should be lathered with soap, making sure to scrub well between the fingers and under the fingernails.

Identifying Learning Problems

Learning disabilities aren’t related to how smart a child is. They’re caused by differences in the brain that are present from birth, or shortly after.