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Trying to Sell a Small Business?

Even though the SBA has made it “easier” for small businesses to get loans, the same rules apply, luck shines only on those who are properly prepared.

Fighting Wars over Water

If we want the world population to not go to war over water, our choices are limited to desalination and techno food

HTTP Tip for the New Year

It is extremely important for you to be cautious and responsible with your personal information while using the Internet.

No Place to Hide

Protecting the first really technological advanced field weapon, the XM25, from falling in enemy hands, should be a real concern, not an afterthought.

The Wrinkles in Facebook

Facebook is a phenomenon that grew into 500 million users in 5 years. It’s core function “exchanging information” appears to become a one trick pony, albeit a strong and fast pony.

Use Smart Phone to Shop Smart

The technology that we have access to now is just amazing! I have discovered I can use my smartphone to do some smart shopping.

The Pencil Impact on the Blues

The pencil is a quiet contributor to so much art and music that it is hard to imagine that one day it will be obsolete.