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Work Smarter

It is no surprise that technology is changing the workplace. Use technology to work smarter, not harder.

Another Death Announcement

The death of Common Sense triggered another death announcement… the paper book. although still early in the game, the writing is on the wall.

The End of the White Pages

As technology progresses into Apple iPhone 4, the White Pages are going into extinction. Smart phones and internet kill the phonebooks.

Facebook conditioning is the new Buzzword

Facebook is becoming a Friend of Big Brother and you may not like it. Privacy practices such as the Like Button may grant just enough space for Governments to become “buyers”.

Facebook Alert to our Readers

FaceBook Alert! A malware attack attached to a distracting video called Distracting Beach Babes (Video) is causing havoc in the Facebook community.

Is social media a Fad, part 2 [VIDEO]

What was a wild growth in Social Media has become in a short couple of months more organized with greater control but also with much more clarity that without using social media small businesses will not survive.

Pop-up windows and why you should not use them

Being a webmaster is staying on top of logistics, design ethics and functionality. It is rather disgruntling to see how many webmasters and do-it-yourself website builders still use pop-up windows for their most vital visitor interaction: The contact window in a pop-up. Haven’t they heard of Pop-up blockers in ALL browsers?