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Do I hate stupidity!

You’ve got mail! How intelligent is that mail. Not really but many people still fall for this absurdity.

A Little About Twitter

What is Twitter? Don’t laugh, there are many people out there who Tweet but don’t understand why.

Popular Facebook Virus

There is a popular virus affecting the Windows operating system via Facebook and other social networks.

Is HTML5 going to be the final knock-out for Flash

The Woes for Adobe Flash are deepening. The popular Media file creator, player and website building tool is loosing fast ground to HTML5. More and more companies including Google, Apple and fortune 500 companies are turning their back on Adobe’s…
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Lady Gaga is Madonna on Steroids

This 23 year old singer/songwriter Lady Gaga has shot to the top of the universe in the past 18 months by applying social media the way it was intended…and then some. Comparing her rise to stardom to Madonna is like comparing a high speed train to a horse and carriage.

Are You Using the Right Social Media for your Business?

The best explanation I have heard so far about Social Media classification is the following: Twitter is a cocktail party, Facebook is a Reunion and LinkedIn is a professional conference. In understandable language we can picture the base value of these tools for our businesses.

Tragic death of brother discovered via Facebook

Our socially protected upbringing will be rattled at the core of its foundation rendering Rating systems such as PG, PG-13, PG-17, R, M and Rated-X for movies and documentaries a farce compared to what will enter our lives via online television such as YouTube, DailyMotion, HULU, and many more that will sprout up from all these “Live-feeds”.

iPad is the official name, iMagic is the official branding

Although the beyond reason hyped up all in one 10″ super computer for $499 as predicted by many, reason defeats that Apple would ever cannibalize on its own laptop and notebook market share, the iPad will rule the tablet market in its target market.

Pope goes Social

“Reaching young believers can only be accomplished by being where they spend their time and converse.” according to Pope Benedict XVI’s message.

Additional Security flaws found in Internet Explorer

Microsoft created a multitude of smaller security holes by “fixing the previous security risks” and if a hacker knows his/her way around and exploits several of the minor risks at one and the same time it will put him/her in control of your computer.