Mariners Corner

Mariner tips for the water loving lifestyle

Preparing for Boating Season

Thunderstorms, lightning, waterspouts, tropical storms, rip tides,white squalls and hurricanes can severely impact your boating fun. Be prepared!

Shark Style Seabreacher

A watercraft design and fabrication company in Northern California, launched their latest and most advanced submersible watercraft.

Worst Boating Accidents

There are two things most of us learn when you live on Amelia Island: How to swim and how to safely operate a boat.

Do Not Overload Your Boat

In 2000, an Australian man met his maker while shooting ducks from his boat. The man was seated on a tiny dinghy…

Boating Safety Course

You wouldn’t drive a car unless you had learned how to drive it first, so why would you drive a boat without learning how?