Mariners Corner

Mariner tips for the water loving lifestyle

The Nassau Sport Fishing Association (NSFA)

The Nassau Sport Fishing Association meets the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm at the Ten Acres Kraft Athletic Club. Membership is open to the public. Call 261-9481 or visit for more information.

Navigating Your Boat

The Amelia River which runs along the western side of Amelia Island is also the Intercoastal Waterway. This waterway is the interstate for boats traveling up and down the Eastern seaboard

Destination: The Sand Dollar Restaurant

Located on the St. Johns River right next to the St. Johns River ferry you will find a restaurant with a small marina, great views and wonderful food. The Sand Dollar restaurant has been a local favorite for years and

Destination: Ft. George Inlet

If you travel south on the Intercostal waterway, approximately eight miles from the Nassau Sound you will find the next inlet, Ft. George inlet. This inlet is not navigable to the ocean as there are many sand bars and a…
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Killer Bees on the High Seas

I recently came across an article that told of a story about swarms of bees traveling ‚Äúoffshore‚Äù near Florida‚Äôs east coast. The offshore part is what initially gained my attention. This is normally the one place in Florida, where year…
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Destination Jacksonville

With 2007 summer season winding down most boaters are beginning to go through a small amount of withdrawals feeling their boating time will now be replaced with cool days and televisions tuned in to football. Well, consider this; what if…
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Boat, RV, and Golf Cart Battery Maintenance

Boat, RV, and Golf Cart Battery Maintenance By: Jamie Deonas Most summers here in Florida are fairly warm and the summer of 2008 has been no different. Staying hydrated is of utmost importance for both humans and

Destination: Tiger Island

Destination: Tiger Island By: Jamie Deonas Located on the Amelia River just across from Egan’s Creek is an island with white sandy beaches, 20′ bluffs and views of Cumberland Sound that would make any artist envious. It’s name is Tiger…
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Offshore Towers to be Removed

Offshore Towers to be Removed By: Jamie Deonas If you have ever ventured offshore Amelia Island then you certainly have seen the 2 offshore towers located just north of the St. Mary‚Äôs channel. These 2 towers have been in place…
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City Boat Ramp

The city is having a hard time deciding what to do with the boat ramp at the foot of Ash Street. There is only one free

City Marina Dock Debate

A decision to build new docks and a welcome center at the Fernandina Beach waterfront has been