Interesting Locals

People of interest in Nassau County, Florida and beyond… because every living soul has a story to share.

Wrapping Up April with Deb Cottle

Deb Cottle has had a busy month of Book Signings and Speaking Engagements with three final events during Shrimp Festival Weekend.

The Language of a Lost Era

Roxy delivers a beautiful, helplessly hopeful dismissal in the words “I will have a talk with you as soon as the opportunity presents itself.”

Amazon Sage, a local Blog Spot

Amazon Sage “dream travels” nightly to hot spots in the world, where she helps people find peace, and writes about it the next day on her blog.

Police Captain Jim Coe Retires

Fernandina Beach Police Captain Jim Coe retired after 16 years and was honored at an awards ceremony on January 7, 2011.

The Christmas Blue Bell

It is tradition to pass on the Christmas decorations of one’s lifetime to children and grand children. Here is Judith Harris’s story of bittersweet memories.