Spring Means Strawberries

Spring means strawberries in Florida, and if you are not lucky you can still find plenty of berries to make your favorite recipes.

Paleo Candy Bars

Way before processed foods, when humans lived in caves, our ancestors ate foods that had to be hunted, gathered or caught, as in fish.

White Chicken Chili

A delicious chicken chili for the slow cooker, made with chicken, beans, and other ingredients.

Bed and Breakfast Cookie Tour

Learn the history of each inn and enjoy our decorations as you sample freshly baked Christmas cookies and collect heirloom recipes.

Pop’s Pumpkin Pie

Pop was proud of his pies that he would bake lovingly year after year and he knew they were absolutely my favorite dessert in the world!

Dirty Little Lentils

Ally at the Desk is up to 2nd year French, and those wonderful French recipe translations for extra credit are continuing this year.

Paleo Meatballs

Paleo is a style of eating and meal preparation that is based on the foods our ancestors ate before bleached and enriched grains.

Remember to Freeze your Berries

Berry season may be coming to an end, but your supply of fresh, pulpy little fruits doesn’t have to. Just follow these six easy steps.