Environmental issues of interest in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia

Do You Know How to Recycle?

Do You Know How to Recycle?

If you live in Fernandina you likely have a trash can with a yellow lid on it. That is your recycling bin, but not all trash is created equal.


Landscape Matters – Bluebirds

The bluebird class will include information on bluebird life history, habitat requirements, nesting challenges, and more.


White Oak Accepting Summer Camp Applications

At White Oak’s STEM camp, kids will explore conservation as they learn about the threats animals face world wide and the work necessary to ensure the survival of wildlife.

Post July 4th Beach Clean-Up Planned

This clean-up is specifically for the purpose of getting fireworks debris off the beach before it washes into the sea at high tide, so we will get out at first light to begin to pick up what we can.

A Look Back on Awareness in Agriculture

Almost one-third of the earth’s land is used for agriculture, of this, over 40% sees intensive or modernized farming. Here are three ways in which irresponsible agricultural practices hurt the environment:

Sharkwater, the Film

This FREE award-winning film screening exposes the criminal and highly-profitable harvesting of shark fins, face shark poachers, and a corrupt court system.