Important Numbers

When do They Close the Bridges?

I was curious at what speed the winds have to reach before emergency officials close the bridges in Nassau County. Here it the answer I received from Nassau County Emergency Management.

What Really Happens When You Dial 911

For many of us calling for help using 911 is not something we will ever do. So what really happens when you call 911 and who is taking your information?

Injured Animal Assistance

A volunteer from Cats Angels recently publicized some incredibly useful information that I feel compelled to pass along. For emergency road services regarding injured or dead animals there are numbers you can call for assistance or removal. If you see…
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Suspect Gouging At The Pumps, Who Do You Call?

By: Nick Deonas With the ever rising cost of fuel today we seem to be constantly talking about how fast prices will rise at the filling stations. Just before and right after hurricane it seemed to be the green light…
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Important Phone Numbers

¬† IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS (A-Z) DIAL 911 Emergency 911 Airport (Fernandina) (904) 261-7890 AT&T Broadband-Cable-Phone Service (800) 586-1212 Auto Tags (904) 261-5566 Baptist Medical Center – Nassau (904) 321-3500 BellSouth (800) 853-2909 BFI-Garbage Collection (904) 261-7186 Car Tags (904) 261-5566…
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