I Heart Art

As public schools continue to cut arts programs to tighten their budgets, more families are seeking the YMCA for the art-enrichment activities their children are missing in the classroom.

High School Days in Fernandina

The butterflies were tamed and asleep until we pulled into the parking lot at Fernandina Beach High School. It wasn’t the first day of school, but I was so nervous it could have been.

Learning by Seeing, Listening or Doing

It’s almost going back to school time. Another week or so and the island will once again be buzzing with school buses¬† and parents driving and picking up their kids to and from school during certain times of the day….
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2009-2010 Nassau County School Calendar

Here is the 2009 -2010 Nassau County School Calendar. Now you can know when school starts, when school ends and what days are potential make-up days should we have weather severe enough to close our school district.

Learning Community of North Florida Grand Opening

The Learning Community of North Florida is holding their Grand Opening this Saturday in Fernandina Beach. They have a variety of classes you can take, or if you have a specialty, they are interested in talking to you about teaching.

Nassau County School Supply Drive

It is time to start thinking, “Back to school.” School supplies are starting to show up at deep discounts in our local stores and just in time to help out the kids in our community.

Bad Driving Habits

Bad Driving Habits are best curbed when you are young, and the Fernadina Beach Police Department teaches a lesson to our high school students using DUI goggles as a training aid.

New School on Amelia Island

There is a new school opening on Amelia Island in August. At the corner of Gum and 8th Street in Fernandina Beach, Florida, The Learning Community of North Florida will be offering small classes on topics such as Making Money…
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Communities in Schools

Fernandina Beach is the home to Communities in Schools which serves to assist the youth of Nassau County, Florida. This nonprofit organization focuses on students who are considered ‚Äúat-risk‚Äù. Their mission to see every student graduate high school helps those…
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FCCJ Education Fest 2009

Education Fest 2009 is being held at the Avenues Mall on June 18th, from 5:30pm until 8pm. Admissions representatives and faculty will be on hand to answer questions about the over 200 programs of study, the seven new Bachelor’s degree…
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