Editorial News

Havoc on the Hill

The latest Washington charades about debt ceilings, deficits and budgets, resembles a bunch of gunfighters facing off in a dusty street, hands poised over their six-shooters, eyes nervously shifting…

One Year Ago Today

My mother said a long time ago, if there is one person at your grave who sheds a tear, your life was worth living. Thom we still miss you terribly.

Festival Sells Out in TEN Minutes

A sold out music festival is a feat in itself; but to sell out in just 10 minutes is unheard of. The secret these days is cross-over performances.

It’s a Zero Sum Political Game

And the Angel said to him “Stop Hitting Yourself”. But he could not stop, for the Angel was hitting him with his own hands.

As We Whistle Past the Graveyard

I’m out of work, running out of everything, driving a broken down car as long as I can, and had to borrow to make my next house payment. It’s not consumer confidence; its desperation.

Palin’s Alaskan Legacy: Follow the Money

Behind every folksy politician supposedly “bored by details”, lurks a small army of value-rational and detail-oriented hatchetmen quietly cleaning up the spoils.

California Convicts Catch a Break

The U.S. ranks first in the world in total prison population, at about 2.3 million. Are Americans really so much more criminally inclined than the rest of the world?