Survivor Amelia Island

City Commissioners play Survivor Amelia Island, where rules are made and changed, and requested advice is completely ignored.

Main Beach Dumpster Caper

Just when we thought the Main Beach dumpster issue had been resolved in Fernandina, we discover we were wrong.

Do you know who Eric Holder is?

“Due process” and “judicial process” are not one and the same, when national security is at stake, says US Attorney General Eric Holder.

First Amendment R.I.P.

Raise a glass to the demise of Lady Liberty in the guise of peaceful protest under the protection of the First Amendment.

Socialism as an Alternative?

A Rant or Rave on Jacksonville.com about socialism as an alternative made me take off my rose colored glasses

Something Fishy in Nassau County

Nassau County is contemplating the imposition of special assessments that may be provided for but not limited to eight activities

The 85 Percent Problem

This is not to blame the victors. It is, however, to point a finger at the 85% of the electorate that couldn’t be bothered to vote.