Haiti One Year after the Earthquake

One Year later, despite the best intentions of many around the world, Haiti is still a basket case and will remain so for many years to come.

Public Pension Tension Response

Politicians cast blame on public employees and what politicians call their lavish pension funds. Florida’s pension plan is anything but lavish.

Nothing Changed That Night

The only balance in human nature comes from a status quo of knowledge and power. Break the 50/50 balance and mayhem is on the horizon.

The New Great Equalizer

Rather than mindlessly following the boobus popularis opinion, intelligence should point at the potential value of WikiLeaks’ “indiscretions”.

No Place to Hide

Protecting the first really technological advanced field weapon, the XM25, from falling in enemy hands, should be a real concern, not an afterthought.

Narcissism is Staging a Comeback

Opposing forces try to misguide the public with fabricated statistics, but the public isn’t buying it – unless it’s a real deal.

North Korea’s Next Move

Has anyone been keeping up with what’s happening in South Korea and the bombing of a small island on the border by North Korea?

We Are Learning to Downsize

I see folks downsizing; homes are no longer the huge castles of the past twenty years but rather smaller and more sensible homes.

Striking a Balance

If only 4 out of 10 registered voters come out and cast a ballot, politicians should find another job.

Afternoon Coffee and Politics

Of course it is easy to take the herd mentality and dream that your vote will make a difference and that democracy is based on the right to vote. Not!