Spring Forward Fall Back

For residents of Amelia Island, Florida the second Sunday of March and the first Sunday of November are when our time changes.

9-11 Globally Redefined

Nine years after the atrocities of what is now called 9-11, America is still losing its way of life as a result of bad intelligence and unfocused policies

It is always Darkest Before the Dawn

In 1992 Time Magazine called the economy comatose and the future bleak. This quote was followed by 16 years of unbridled growth. What’s different this time?

What is going on with the Gulf Oil Leak

Could the severity of the BP oil spill have been prevented if Washington leadership had acted properly? Experts claim that the White House carries substantial part of the blame.

Nakations are coming to US Beaches

Even though 1 out of 2 Americans these days claims to be in favor of nude beaches and nakations, we venture to say that we’re still a generation away from actual implementation.

Reader Alert on Ohio Valley Gold

Pretending to provide a service, organizations like the Ohio Valley Gold Co. travel the country for a quick buck taken off the unaware and the elderly.

Open Letter to President Obama

This open email to President Obama has been circulating the Internet and my 90 year old grandmother sent it along to be shared

Immigration Answer to Ken Supernor

A comment came in on my immigration story that asked me to come clear where I stand on the issue. It’s not a legal matter, it’s a geo-political matter.

Obesity and Health not Mutually Exclusive

Some email newsletters need huge warning labels that say: STAY AWAY – DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME – DON’T SEND MONEY EITHER. Here’s my beef with a health newsletter called THE DAILY DOSE.

Walmart vs Government

Walmart and the United States are two of the world’s biggest buyers, but do they really care about the environment?