Politics – gimme a break, we all know what this category means!

The Pursuit of Happiness

The book, The Good Society, examines why some countries are better than others at creating conditions that permit citizens to fulfill their human potential.

Social Security says to government: Please pay up IOU’s

It has been said before that our government operates a Ponzi scheme especially with Social Security. Now that the recession and economic developments have created the situation that less goes into the pot than comes out, government IOU’s seem less and less trustworthy.

Hometown Democracy Movement

Wednesday, March 10, from 7:00 to 9:00 PM there will be a meeting to discuss the Hometown Democracy Amendment. at the Fernandina Beach Police Station’s conference room on Lime Street.

David vs Goliath in Afghanistan

Dutch politics are populist with the consequence that the government does what the people want and not vice versa. This may have drastic consequences for the war on terror in Afghanistan as it turns out.

It is He who is Dead and not I

It is time to point out to our “leaders” that we expect them to fight the country’s real enemies; the ones that stole our jobs and left us homeless. It is clear that daily pressures of fear mongering are standing in our way of recovery.