Politics – gimme a break, we all know what this category means!

Main Beach Dumpster Caper

Just when we thought the Main Beach dumpster issue had been resolved in Fernandina, we discover we were wrong.

Do you know who Eric Holder is?

“Due process” and “judicial process” are not one and the same, when national security is at stake, says US Attorney General Eric Holder.

Socialism as an Alternative?

A Rant or Rave on Jacksonville.com about socialism as an alternative made me take off my rose colored glasses

Voting as a Faithless Act

Faith that the system worked, that the Democrats and Republicans chose the best among them as candidates to lead us.

Keeping an Open Mind

As more candidates drop out, Jeb Bush warns that “circular firing squad” approach is potentially hurting the general election outcome.

South Carolina Primaries Update

A South Carolina opinion indicates that even that State is starting to see the true picture of America’s economic status.

A letter to the One Percent

The Ninety-Nine Percent have watched helplessly as you’ve shipped our jobs overseas and debased our currency to enrich your pockets.