Tips to make your life easier.

FaceBook Updates Security with 350 Million Users

As Facebook is rapidly growing into the largest social group in history with 350 million users, concerns for their privacy and identity theft are imminent. Facebook suggests a security update.

Avoid Deck-the-Halls Pitfalls

Deck-the-hall pitfalls can be avoided and I am offering a few safety tips for you to spend less time in the emergency room this holiday season.

Sometimes You Can’t Help but Get Mad

If you don’t know how search engines like Google and Yahoo, Ask and Bing and many more classify and rank static websites, put your money in gold coins and forget about an internet presence for the time being.

When the Time for Downsizing Arrives

What are the really important things in your life, your health, the health of your family, making sure you have enough food to eat and a roof over your head, maybe with a touch of decent transportation.

Protecting People, Pipes, Pets and Plants on Amelia Island

It’s not officially the winter season yet but it is surely on the way. This is a perfect time to remember the really important stuff that requires action before we get to the really cold stuff that’s just on the horizon.

Sharing the Road with Emergency Vehicles

First following the driver’s handbook is always a safe bet, getting off the road and coming to a complete stop is best. This rule is not only for safety, but other reasons as well.

Why Isn’t Gold Selling for $4,000?

The Fed has promised to buy $1.75 trillion (yes, that’s trillion) worth of mortgages, many of which come directly from troubled banks like Citigroup.

Santa’s Political Dilemma This Year

That rule prohibits Santa’s sleigh from entering the United States with “goods in which Cuba or a Cuban national has an interest.”

Can You Dance with the Sharks?

Unless you prepare, learn, get connected and take action, you will not be able to focus, set priorities and stay on course.