Tips to make your life easier.

Managing Your Time

Organization is a systematic application of common sense strategies, yet most people need practice to perfect the required discipline.

Cooking Cooler Corn

I discussed this way of cooking corn with a group of friends and realized I was not the only one who had never heard of this before.

How does Make Up Do in a Recession?

The makeup Industry has a secret that they do not want us to know. It is about how manufacturers are able to have us come back for more of the same time and again.

Planning Christmas in July

You may feel it is too early to think about Christmas in July, but most of us are on a tight budget and the holidays can be expensive.

Xtreme Business Success

Xtreme Business Success is a two-hour, high-energy workshop designed to help you succeed in your business in this new economy.

Send a Thank You Note

Sending a thank you note after an interview will make you stand out from the crowd and is sure to put you ahead of the competition.