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Older Than Dirt Quiz

To really know how old you are, here is a little quiz to see how much you remember from the past.

Hoosier History

Spending summers with my grandparents in Indiana were full of days fishing, swimming, working in the garden and history.

More of Grandma’s Wisdom

This story has the usual dramatic ending that is only available from the wisdom of my 89 year old grandmother.

Interesting Bit of History

In the olden days, urine was used to tan animal skins and some very interesting phrases developed that are still used today.

Remembering When You Were Young

The older I get, the more I appreciate antiques and remembering what life was like before microwave ovens, cell phones and the internet. Some of these were before my time, but most of these I remember quite well‚Ķ Do you…
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Take this Global Warming Quiz

For those of you who like to take quizzes, here is another interesting one for you. This time the topic is Global Warming. Take the quiz and see how well you do!

Regina Brett is not 90 Years Old

The article claims it was written by Regina Brett, 90 years old, of The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, Ohio, “To celebrate growing older, I once wrote the 45 lessons life taught me. It is the most-requested column I’ve ever written.” 90 years old and still writing a column for a Cleveland Newspaper? I was taken by surprise when I found the Ohio Web site and saw a photo image of Ms. Brett.

The Good Stuff

Anesthetics are substances to deaden pain. Long ago, doctors used alcohol such as wine or brandy to perform surgeries. In fact, until about 150 years ago, patients were expected to just withstand the pain of the procedure. The phrase, “bite the bullet” came from surgeries that were performed on the battlefield before the days of anesthesia.

More Words of Wisdom from Grandma

By: Anonymous You have to absolutely admire an 89 year old woman who gets on the computer night after night, checking her email, paying her bills and sending words of wisdom to anyone that will listen. So I am sharing…
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Cremation Ashes Mistaken for Cocaine

A story of cremation ashes mistaken for cocaine during a Florida home burglary makes for a tale woven of fact and fiction.. Often news lines become blurred with lore and this is a perfect example. Can you figure out which part is fact and which part is fiction?

Final Exam from 1895 8th Grade

By: Anonymous Are you smarter than an 8th Grader? Do you think you could pass a final exam for an 1895 8th grade class? Remember when parents and grandparents stated that they only had an 8th grade education? Well, check…
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Be sure to turn up the sound!

It’s harder and harder to separate truth and the perception of truth, especially if your eyes want to believe and your heart hopes that what you see is what you get – WYSIWYG