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What is Rent to Own?

By: Nick Deonas We are all very much aware of the current Real Estate market and how many homes are on the market with slow sales. If an owner wants to make the move but perhaps does not have the…
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Exactly What Is A Real Estate Bubble?

By: Nick Deonas Herd instinct can be seen even in mob or riot situations, people begin to follow others and mimicking those in front of them. How many times have you seen people jump on a band wagon if they…
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Amelia Island Fall Lawn Care

To sell your home you need to take every opportunity to appeal to prospective buyers, your lawn is a major consideration.

From Real Estate to The American Buffalo

By: Nick Deonas The US Mint is temporarily halting sales of its popular American Buffalo 24-karat gold coin because the Mint can’t keep up with soaring demand as investors seek the safety of gold amid economic turbulence. The reason for…
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What Happened To Private Mortgage Insurance?

By: Nick Deonas Who pays for mortgage insurance? Generally borrowers do. An initial premium is collected at closing and depending on the premium plan picked, a monthly amount may be included in the house payment made to the lender, who…
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The $700 Billion Dollar Question

By: Nick Just a thought, but the President addressed the Nation on national TV using terms such as, “long and painful recession”, “crisis” and “edge of collapse”. Now as I see it, one could say perhaps this was the old…
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What If The Bailout Does not Happen?

This week has been one to watch as the political rodeo on capital hill picked up more and more steam, from both sides, concerning the $700 billion dollar bailout. I watched with interest as I saw one side chastising the…
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No Exit Packages for Freddie and Fannie CEOs

Written By Nick Deonas Fannie and Freddie either own or guarantee about $5 trillion of the nation’s outstanding mortgages, roughly half the nation’s total. Now that the government has taken over Freddie and Fannie and the tax payers are now…
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Thinking of Starting a Business?

Commercial Space Available, At Bargain Prices Are you thinking of starting a business? I know what you may be thinking, is he crazy or what, well, let’s think about it. Yes, the economy is in bad shape and there are…
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