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Advice for Bad Neighborly Behavior

Next week, children will be knocking on neighbors’ doors chirping “Trick or treat!” But we don’t all have neighbors like Mr. Rogers.

Donna Lynne Custom Homes

Donna Lynne’s professionalism extends well beyond the construction industry as proven by her commitment to her family and the community.

The Real Estate Tug of War

Meredith Whitney of CNBC,FoxNews and Bloomberg expert fame has now joined the caravan of doom where it comes to real estate as the engine for recovery. Nassau County RE sales holding up so far.

Real Estate in the Eye of the Storm

The domino effect is still fully in play and housing prices are on average still falling, effectively blocking the economy from recovery.

Media Spins on Real Estate

As the media keep pulling sunglass toting rabbits out of their hats, the skies are clouding up for what may be the second leg down.