cell-phonesMuch like every other person in society, I too carry a cell phone with me everywhere I go. This phone takes precedence over my wallet, car keys and other things I’m supposed to be doing. I always make sure it is with me and most importantly charged.

Recently my beloved Nextel flip phone died after three hard years of abuse, thousands of re-charges and over 13,000 hours of talk time. With this phone I had several sets of car chargers, home chargers, a blue tooth and more that now are all useless as the new phone’s adapter was completely different from the new phone. I gathered up all my old phones accessories to pass along to someone who could continue using them as they were all in good shape; so I started asking around. What I found out, was just the opposite of what I was expecting.

Most people I asked laughed and offered a handful of their old chargers that were rendered useless when they purchased new phones. This really intrigued me and I just couldn’t imagine that the hundreds upon hundreds of different cell phones in use, and the models that change every year all used different chargers and adapters. As I dug into my research I learned just that. To add to the situation, I also found that electronics such as digital cameras, I-pods, cordless phones and so on were also included in this 12 volt mess. Each was requiring a different plug and with each model change, changed their adapters as well.

With the popularity of cell phones and other rechargeable electronics this has to make for millions of useless charging accessories. Each and every year this is adding pollution to our environment and clogging our landfills. I always figured that with new electronic technology came better equipment, more compatibility and ease of operation. What I was learning was just the opposite, so I took it one step further and spoke with a good friend that is in the electronic business and posed the same findings to him. His answer was clear, each piece of electronics I was researching all took for the most part the exact same amount of power to recharge the batteries. The difference is in the connections that each piece accepted. A car charger uses the same 12V socket in your car and the home chargers all plug into common wall outlets, so why so many different configurations on the electronics themselves? The only answer possible was personal preference with the electronic manufacturer. So the next time you are changing cell phones or thinking of replacing that older digital camera, keep in mind all that goes with updating that piece of electronic equipment, because hanging on to the accessories in hopes of ever finding a use for them is a waste of time.

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