Change a Life - Choose AdoptionDid you know you have the potential to be a child’s hero? Well, by considering adoption you can have a wonderful positive impact on the future life of a child. Nowadays, adoption has become an important part of our culture with some 120,000 children per year in the US being adopted.

Just how does adoption impact the life of a child? 90% of children over five have positive feelings about being adopted. Likewise, more people than ever see adoption as a positive choice, and more people from all walks of life are choosing adoption: either as an adoptive parent, or as a chance to give their child a better life. Many groups of people should consider adoption as either a positive way to expand their family or a selfless choice to give their baby the best life possible. So, when might adoption be something to consider?

One of the most common reasons couples (or singles, for that matter) may choose to adopt is due to fertility problems. Often times, couples who want to have a child later look back on their infertility as a blessing after a successful adoption because they realize they would never have the son or daughter they have now if they hadn’t been blessed to bring that child into their lives through adoption. Likewise, even though we have great modern day technology, such as IVF, these procedures are very expensive. They simply may not be an option for many parents given their cost can run upwards of 10-20 thousand dollars per individual cycle. Adoption can also be expensive, but, luckily, the US government offers generous tax credits and grants to help couples be able to cover the cost of an adoption. These financial aids can make becoming parents through adoption a real reality.

Making a Difference
Many parents choose to adopt after they’ve already had other children as a positive means both to expand the family and make a difference to a child in need. This can be a wonderful way of giving back. Many parents want to do something that will have a great positive impact on another person’s life, and adoption can be an amazing gift of love. Adoption can assure an older child knows what it is like to have a family that is his or her own for possibly the first time, and young children will never have to know what life is like not having that familial love.

Going it Alone
Nowadays, both men and women are choosing to adopt as single parents. The reasons for choosing adoption as a single person are as varied as the people who choose this path. However, now stable single individuals are welcomed by most adoption agencies just like couples. The average age to marry and start a family has increased in the US in the last few decades; more young men and women are becoming well established in their lives and careers before settling down or choosing not to marry at all until later in life. For whatever reason, a single person wishing to bring a child into the family should consider adoption.

Just as there are good reasons to consider adopting a child, there are also good reasons to consider giving a child up for adoption. One of the largest reasons biological parents choose to give a child up for adoption is because of timing issues. Sometimes, it simply is not the right time to bring a child into the world. This can especially be true for young parents and couples who aren’t yet established, through school, and so on. However, these teen parents often grow up fast during the months preceding a baby’s birth, and they may want to make sure the child has the best in life – including older and wiser parents. For any couple who does not feel old enough or mature enough to raise a child, adoption is a selfless and mature decision. Adoption is not an easy way out, but the ultimate gift of love: both to the child and the adoptive parents.

Some couples feel that even if they are stable in their relationship, it is not the right time yet to add a child to the family. Perhaps they feel as if they are not stable enough financially or emotionally to provide the kind of security as child needs. While adults can make due with the ups and downs of instability in life, this kind of upbringing can affect a child for life. Parents who realize they cannot give the child they are expecting the life they dream for them can choose adoption as a way to ensure the child has the life that parent would want to provide for them if they were able.

Health Issues
Sometimes health issues, especially with the parents, mean considering adoption may be a good option. Couples facing serious health crises or serious emotional crises may simply not feel in good enough health to provide for a child the way a child needs – especially a baby – while dealing with serious problems in life, such as death or serious illnesses like cancer.

The reality is, no matter whether a person would like to adopt or is considering an adoption for their coming child, choosing adoption will save a child’s life and allow that child to have a beautiful, happy life. The statistics about the way adopted children live are encouraging. Adoptive parents have clear ideas about the things they would like to do for and give to an adoptive child. While all parents strive to be the best they can be, adoptive parents are often very special people indeed. Likewise, to choose adoption for your child is a courageous sacrifice that can bless your child’s life for years to come.

jennifer-livingston-bioAuthor bio: Jennifer Livingston is a freelance writer who specializes on topics related to health, fitness and family. When she is not writing she likes to bake, read and travel.