Check Your Lawn Sprinkler

This is a good time to fix needed repairs so your landscaping plants and grassy areas don't die from malfunctioning sprinklers.

The St. Johns River Water Management District, which includes Nassau County, has new watering restrictions and are in effect so you need to do a routine sprinkler check to determine if any repairs or adjustments are needed. The new regulations only allow homeowners to water their landscape areas twice per week, with odd numbered homes on Wednesday and Saturday, and even numbered homes on Thursday and Sunday. For complete information on the restrictions, visit their Web site.

This is also a good time of the year to fix needed repairs before it gets too warm and your landscaping plants and grassy areas don’t get water stress from malfunctioning sprinklers.

The first thing you need to do is make sure the valve control box, usually located in the garage, has the correct time, start time for sprinklers and run time for each zone. Start time should be early in the morning so the water gets to the roots of the landscape material before the sun comes up and it evaporates. Run time depends on the type of sprinkler, your shrub heads (the ones that spray a consistent spray over a certain area) should run about 15-20 minutes, and Rotors (the ones that rotate and water a much larger area) should run 30-45 minutes. If you are confused about how to set the correct time for your type of heads you may want to call someone to take care of the whole process.

The next thing to do is test each zone and inspect each sprinkler to see that it is working properly, watering the right area, not the street, driveway or house. Most sprinklers are quite simple to adjust and replace, but plan on digging around some in the yard and getting a little dirty. Look around to make sure there is no leaks in the PVC pipe in the ground and see that the sprinklers are coming out of the ground high enough to do their job. If not, they can be raised to have a better ground clearance.

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