Choosing the Right Doors for Your HomeWhen you are outfitting your home with all the things it needs, one of the most overlooked elements are the doors. People often underestimate just how important it is to pick out the right doors for their homes. When you are choosing doors, there are many aspects you must consider in order to make sure that they are right for your home. To help you out, here is a smart guide to choosing the perfect doors for your house.

Take Care of Your Doors
If you take good care of your doors, they will last a lifetime. Make sure that you do take care of your doors well. They are one of the few things that is not covered by home warranties. If you treat them well and avoid using them roughly, your doors will look beautiful and stay undamaged for as long as you own your home.

Door Styles
The first thing that you have to think about when you are selecting the doors for your home is what kind of door style fits your needs and wants. Some people like French doors, which are two-piece doors that open down the middle. These can be perfect for areas where you know that you will want to move big items in and out of the adjoining rooms. Dutch doors divide horizontally rather than vertically, which is an old-fashioned look that can add a lot of style to a room.

Some people like gliding and sliding barn doors. They are certainly stylish and functional, but you need to make sure that you always select sliding doors that come from high-quality manufacturers. Anyone who has lived in a home with sliding doors that go off the tracks frequently is well aware how important it is to choose sliding doors of the highest quality to avoid frustrations later on.

Door Materials
Just as there are many different kinds of door styles, there are lots of different door materials that you have to choose from. Many people still like to go with traditional wood doors, but there are so many different types of wood that doors are made from. Many people like doors made from pine, ash and mahogany that are elegant and sturdy. For those looking for an even more stylish wood, going with a high-end option like cherry or oak adds an undeniable feeling of luxury to a door.

Of course, there are lower end woods that you can go with as well. Some people like to use alder wood, which give a causal feeling to a door. There are also doors made from particle board. They will be much less expensive than doors made from solid, more expensive woods, but particle board doors resist warping and are more fire-resistant than traditional wood doors.

Some people choose to use other materials for the doors in their homes. Aluminum doors are inexpensive, but they do not offer as much durability or energy-efficiency as other materials. Steel doors are a sturdy option that offer great protection, but they are also easily dented.

You also have to think about the accessories that you choose for you doors. If your doors have windows, you should consider going with windows made from Low-E glass. It offers a high level of energy-efficiency and durability. The knockers, hinges and other hardware are also important.

When you are picking out the hardware, make sure that you choose styles that fit in with your home’s design scheme. Many people these days are choosing to use barn door hardware, which offers an old-fashioned charm that fits in with a wide range of designs. Both your hardware and the doors themselves must be chosen with care to ensure that they fit in well with the look of your home.

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